Terms and conditions for car rental in Costa Rica

Before leasing a motorcycle in Costa Rica, consider the following vehicle leasing regulations.

  • Minimum age to lease a motorcycle: In Costa Rica the minimum age to lease and to drive a vehicle is 21 years of age, also 1 year of experience is required, that is 1 year after the acquisition of the driver license. Vehicles with limited availability or under confirmation:   SL1 Rental CR offers the brand and the model of the selected motorcycle on the specified location and for a determined amount of time; however, there is a possibility that due to a low availability of some specific models of motorcycles we might not be able to offer these at the moment of reservation.   For the vehicles with limited availability, you will receive an email confirmation within the next 3 business days after your reservation. In the event that the desired brand and model cannot be offered, SL1 Rental CR will provide an alternative  motorcycle similar to the one requested, as long as it is accepted by the customer.  In case of disconformity from the customer’s side, the reservation will be cancelled without any charge.
  • Vehicle use conditions:  The use of the motorcycle is prohibited under the following circumstances:
  • a)       Driving under alcohol consumption, driving on unpaved roads, and driving during not specified competitions. 
  • b)      Driving under drugs consumption or any other substances that may affect the concentration, as well as driving recklessly.
  • c)       Allowing driving other people who have not been previously authorized on the lease contract, who are not capable to drive, who do not have a valid driver license, or who are not in good conditions to drive.
  • d)      Pawn or sell the motorcycle in its entirety or by parts, its equipment, its accessories and its documentation, on any way that attempts against the right of ownership of the lessor or any other right that the lessor may possess under the motorcycle.
  • e)      Use the motorcycle without the additional devices required by law, such as reflective vest and helmet.
  • Documents: The lessee and the additional drivers should provide a valid driver license, an identification number or a passport.  Also, the credit card holder (owner of the credit card) must sign the leasing contract and other documents.
  • Driver license from other countries:  Driver licenses issued on other countries are accepted by our company, likewise Certificates or International licenses.
  • Deposit of guarantee/ Escrow:  In Costa Rica, all the companies that lease vehicles require a deposit in order to cover the deductible imposed on the insurance policies, or to cover certain optional protections offered by the company that provides the leasing service.  Also, this is used to cover any violation to the terms and conditions of the vehicle leasing contract and also to cover fines charged due to violations to traffic laws in Costa Rica.  The amount of the deposit of usually $500.00 USD, the process to reverse the deposit to the customer initiates once the leasing period ends.  
  • Credit card:  A credit card with a high credit limit is required to lease. The credit card holder must be 21 years old or older. The credit card must have the name of the lessee, when leasing a deposit of $500.00 USD will be charged first.  SL1 Rental CR accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.  Cash and credit cards are accepted to process payments for the motorcycle leasing service; debit cards or cash are not accepted to cover the deposit.
  • Payment options:  The customer must provide a credit card at the moment of leasing.  The amount for the leasing services must be paid at the beginning whether with cash, with credit card, or with debit card from the lessee or from any of the additional drivers. For a better service an email must be sent to reservations@sl1rentalcr.com, your credit card will be charged until the vehicle is received.  But if express service is required to another location different from our office, the company requires a notification 24 hours before the leasing starting date. During high season (November-April) these payment options may vary, but a notification will be sent in advance in regards to any special requirements.
  • Insurance and optional rental coverage:   The TPL insurance (Third party Liability) is mandatory and it covers damages caused to third party properties in Costa Rica.  The optional coverage such Collision Damage Waiver, Robbery, Vandalism, Physical damage responsibility is available, or all inclusive coverage in case of motorcycle collision.
  • Important:  In general there is no possibility to obtain a so-called “all-risk insurance” for leased motorcycles. Acquiring the Collision Deductible Reducer coverage lowers the bail, it doesn’t reduce it completely.
  • Taxes:   Costa Rica’s tax laws don’t impose sales taxes to leasing/renting vehicles “per se”; however, the industry itself is taxed by the Tax Ministry and by the local governments.   Payments for damages, for traffic fines, for spare parts, for accessories, and for other services, include the sales taxes and other local taxes.      
  • Delivery service – Delivery and Reception:  SL1 Rental CR offers this service for a cost of $5.00 USD for delivering and picking up in the Costa Rican metropolitan area hotels and in the Juan Santamaria International Airport, located on Alajuela city.  When the leased motorcycle is returned in a different location on a distance longer than 15 kilometers where it was picked up, an additional charge will be applied.
  • Road assistance:   Our company provides the on the road assistance with the purpose to help our customers in the event of an accident or a mechanical problems.
  • Additional drivers:  At the moment of leasing the motorcycle, the lessee can authorize on the contract one additional driver so he/she can drive the leased motorcycle; the additional driver must be at least 21 years old (or older) and they must own a valid driver license with at least one year since issued, the daily  cost is $2.00 USD.
  • Fuel (super petrol):  The motorcycles must be returned with the same amount of gasoline when they were picked up.  When returning the motorcycle if there is an amount missing of fuel, it can get paid with cash.
  • Extension and Reduction of the leasing periods:  If you want to extend the date to return the vehicle, that is hiring the vehicle for more days, you will need to inform the local lessor with days in advance.  SL1 Rental CR can’t guarantee a fixed price after the hiring leasing period.  This means that the price may vary.
  • If you want to return the vehicle before the period ends, SL1 Rental CR will no reimburse the remaining unused paid days, consult with your local lessor.
  • Restrictions:  Based on restrictions and regulations from the Insurance Companies the vehicles are not authorized to leave Costa Rican territory.
  • Additionally, if the leased motorcycle is not returned within a 24 hour period after the due date on the contract, the lessor can alert the corresponding authorities.
  • Complaints or claims:  I you don’t feel satisfied with the service provided by SL1 Rental CR feel free to send a written notification to our Customer Service Department through reservations@sl1rentalcr.com as soon as possible. The maps and roads of Costa Rica are available for our customers on the leasing offices.  Also; all motorcycles are equipped with a cell phone for national calls only, this device must also be returned at the moment of ending the leasing.