Traveling is one of the most wonderful experiences that exist, and to ensure that every moment is special, you must consider every detail of your adventure. The first step to starting on the right foot is to reserve a comfortable and welcoming place to rest after a long plane journey.

At SL Hostel, we are ready to provide you with a pleasant and restorative break so you can make the most of your trip from the get-go.

A comfortable, secure, and welcoming environment

At SL Hostel, every aspect of your comfort has been carefully thought out. From the bedding to the decor, everything has been selected to provide you with a pleasant and relaxing experience, as if you were at home.

Our rooms are designed with care and good taste, offering different options for large groups or couples. You will also find private bathrooms in each room and comfortable beds, double or bunk beds.

Each room has a kitchen space with a refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, and basic tableware. You can store your food or brew the best coffee in Costa Rica while enjoying your downtime.

We care about your comfort throughout your stay.

Free high-speed Wi-Fi

That’s why we offer free high-speed Wi-Fi throughout our Hostel so you can stay connected and share your travel experiences with your loved ones.

Additionally, we have designated spaces to store your clothes and luggage, making your stay even more comfortable and organized. We provide a laundry area so you can wash your clothes and always be ready for new adventures.

And if what you love is relaxing while watching streaming content, you can enjoy your favorite shows on the Smart TV in each room.

We assure you that your stay will be perfect!

Convenient location for exploring Costa Rica

Our Hostel is strategically located near Santamaría Airport in Alajuela, providing you with easy access after those long hours of flight. This privileged location will save you time and energy so you can quickly start enjoying the wonders of Costa Rica.

At SL Hostel, we’ve thought of everything you need to make your trip unforgettable. So, if you wish to explore the country on your own, we offer the Rent a Car service.

Our partner, SL1 Rental, is located on our premises so you can enjoy the convenience of having everything in one place and explore Costa Rica at your own pace.

Live your adventure to the fullest in Costa Rica and discover the perfect refuge where comfort, safety, and adventure come together to give you unforgettable moments.

We welcome you with open arms to make your trip an experience you will remember for a lifetime.

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